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Insight welcome you to apply to enroll at our Morayfield facility.

Each prospective client is required to attend an intake interview at Insight with their guardian or parent. At this interview, needs are assessed and discussions on expected outcomes and goals are conducted. Insight is interested in as much personal detail, background, current situation and individual personality traits as possible as this will help us have more understanding about the client and a better sense of appropriate placement. A full application form will need to be completed prior to commencement at Insight. Costs will be clearly outlined after the client has been assessed. Any medical, school or other information which may assist with ease of transition to Insight is appreciated.

To enroll, please ring us on 07 5433 1188 to organise a time to come in for the above. At this meet and greet you will be given an enrollment pack which contains the following;


  • Directors Note
  • Entry Procedure
  • Exit Procedure
  • General Client personal information
  • Access requirement needs
  • Disabilities / Chronic medical conditions
  • Special needs/ Challenging behaviour
  • Immunisation/Allergies/Medical Conditions
  • Medication Administering Consent Form
  • Family/Carer information
  • Nomination of Support
  • Person/Advocate Form
  • General information (Food)
  • Emergency contacts
  • Insight First Aid Policy
  • Insight Medication Administering Policy
  • Asthma Management Plan
  • Privacy Consent Form
  • Community Access Consent Form
  • Mobility Information
  • Client Daily Routine
  • Profile of young person
  • Personal care requirements
  • Safety Notice
  • Client Dress Code
  • Client Code of Conduct
  • Complaints
  • Feedback