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The Centre

Insight Disability’s Learning Centre is designed to nurture and care for adults living with disabilities as well as their families and carers. Our facilities are safe and fun, allowing for a wide range of enrichment programs, activities and support.

Gardens and garden beds have been built around Insight creating such needs as general garden maintenance, planting and propagating of plants. Clients enjoy a hands on experience, helping to keep their environment where they spend much of their time looking great.

Garden beds have been created around different areas of the Insight property, for the purpose of creating gardens of different kinds. Many of these garden beds consist of herbs and vegetables which we grow from scratch, partly to compliment our cooking program and also to develop an understanding of where food comes from and how to grow them, cultivate and use them.

Insight has the ability to park 20 cars in our car park that are only accessed by a one way entrance drive way and a one way exit driveway.

Our centre is 780 square metres internal and 200m of decks, verandas and pergolas. The block is level with complete ease of access for wheelchairs and other mobility issues.